Your Photographer

Your Photographer

 Hi, I'm Niki Dunlap owner and photographer of A Look About...Photography. I have been blessed to live in the Wakulla area for many years. Capturing the beauty of Wakulla, the surrounding counties, and all that inhabit the area.  

I am a devoted mother and wife with a strong faith in our Lord and all He has created. I absolutely adore dogs and being in nature. 

Photography is my passion. It provides one of the greatest gifts imaginable...memories. Photography holds time still, capturing love, accomplishments, history, and family lineage. It offers the ability to pass along the moments of today for all your tomorrows. 

My photography focuses on Pet, Wildlife and Landscape Photography. My style strives to capture beautiful moments that highlight the unique and special aspects of my clients.

I have but one mission: to capture the true essence of the moment while creating beautiful memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.