My name is Niki Dunlap, owner and photographer of A Look About...Photography. My life long love of photography has given me a mission to capture the precious elements of our world and those who live in it  to be shared for generations to come.

It all began with small walks down a dirt path to check the mail.  Little hands in mine, beautiful, simple 2 and 4 year old conversations, and a rock!  Those daily walks continued and conversations varied from animal tracks in the sand to the infamous "rock" that I found so ordinary until they pointed out its special little traits.  Those daily walks with my children, down that sandy path, opened my eyes to the simple beauties of life.  Through my children's curious eyes, their youthful observations, and inquisitive minds I began to look at Mother Nature with more passion and clarity.  Through those little lessons A Look About...Photography was born. Photography, for me, freezes that moment in time, that moment, that if not captured on print, would be gone forever.  

Preserving your memories of today for all your tomorrows.

I so hope you enjoy your visit and I am honored that you have shared a moment of your time with me. May your days be blessed and memories be full of joy.

Come on in and take "A Look About"