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Dance in the rain,


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Gorgeous Day https://www.alookaboutphotography.com/blog/2014/6/gorgeous-day Hello to you all!  I hope that you are enjoying your day as much as I.  The sun is shining, and a slight breeze is blowing - good day to head to the beach.  St. George Island, outside of East Point, FL, is by far my favorite "chill" spot.  The state park is amazing.  The sand is white as snow and the water today is Emerald Green.  Fisherman bring in a lot of Blue Heron's, my favorite bird to photograph (well, one of my favorite) and the seagulls are greedily hovering about.  It is gorgeous.  The majority of my beach shots you see on my site are from right here on gorgeous St. George Island.  Love the beach? Well, I love to take family portraits on the beach - so let's make an appointment to meet :)

have a great day and remember - always take a moment to stop and take "A Look About".

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